NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW)
Achieving Sustainability in Ukraine through Military Brownfields Redevelopment
Dates: December 18-21, 2023
Location: University of Oradea, Oradea, Romania
NATO ARW Project Overview
The Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) is an opportunity for experts from North America and Europe to assess the state-of-the art practices related to environmental security, to identify key research issues, and to discuss multidisciplinary technical approaches to security for many diverse threats to individuals, communities or nations and their social, health, and economic well-being. The ARW will be a useful avenue for international cooperation on assessing, surveying and developing mitigation plans for prevention of environmental hazards or episodes from defence-related activities and installations. A total of 50 international academics and other stakeholders will participate in the Workshop. All project partners will collaboratively design and support this workshop which will be organized also to build a practical co-operation between NATO countries and NATO partners on the aspects of reusing and repurposing former military lands for beneficial use for communities. The participants will have the chance to examine the methods, approaches, and frameworks for assessing the environmental characteristics of military lands for reuse, including land selection criteria, types of contamination and materials found at the sites, risk assessment approaches, risk communication, sustainable redevelopment options, and risk management prioritization methodologies. It will emphasize approaches for conversion and revival of former military areas and newly-created war-time blighted sites. At the same time, the most practical and cost-effective remediation techniques and approaches for the military areas will be presented. The ARW will enhance knowledge about the potential risks of military brownfield sites and will provide solutions for their management and re-use in NATO countries and NATO partner countries. Participants in the ARW will have the opportunity to utilize and test an online database related to brownfield management issues, which will be sponsored by the project. The database will be peer-reviewed and will provide a platform for developing and pursuing research ideas by senior and junior researchers in collaboration with one another and/or independently. The ARW will also serve as a forum for “Knowledge Transfer and Good Practice Exchange” between the NATO countries and the NATO-partner countries, including elements such as governance arrangements; leadership; mission and strategy; administration (including human resources, financial management, and legal matters); project development and implementation; fundraising; diversity; partnership and collaboration; evaluation; advocacy and policy exchange; marketing; positioning; planning; etc. This activity will be useful in presenting the results of the project to both academic and practitioner stakeholders, who are specifically engaged in brownfield management issues. Their feedback and input will help shape and enhance the project team’s work products. The ARW offers opportunities for the selected papers presented in the ARW, to be published in the NATO Science for Peace Series, Springer Publishing House (Web of Science indexed).